Past Events

SpeedCAD Competition 2020

In this competition, participants had to complete the modelling of the CAD model in the shortest possible time. We were amazed by the final timings from the participants. Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all participants for putting up such a good fight! We hope that you will continue to hone your (new found) skills and create even more amazing things. More details here

SolidWorks Beginner Workshop

We held our very first online Solidworks workshop targeted at introducing students to basic CAD skills on 21 May and 28 May 2020!

Fusion 360 Beginner Workshop

In collaboration with Autodesk Singapore, we held on online workshop through zoom.

MechD DIY Workshop - Silhouette Lightbox

Participants of the workshop had a chance to create their own silhouette lightbox with easily available materials and equipments.

SolidWorks CAD for sheetmetals

Part 1 of our sheet metal workshop. An introduction to fabricating sheet metals for 3D designs.

SolidWorks Optimization of sheet metals with FEA

Part 2 of our sheet metal workshop. Optimizing created sheet metals with Finite Element Analysis in Solidworks for students to produce simple simulations to showcase and visualize their projects.

Free-form Modelling and Surface Modelling in Fusion 360 - 2021

Our members hosted an online workshop to guide freshmore students on how to manipulate and design their creations according to their creativity.

Simulation in Fusion 360 - 2021

Part 2 of our Fusion 360 workshop where students learn more about how to bring to life their designs.