Speed CAD Competition 2020

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
A CADing master has broken loose.
Join us on our mission to recrown the CAD master.
Or do you have what it takes to emerge master CADer?




  1. Participants are to record a video of themselves CADing the model and upload it to youtube/drive, with the link to tinyurl.com/SpeedCAD2020. The timing will start when participants make the first sketch line and end when the model mass window is shown.
  2. In order to reduce the file size, all videos should be uploaded at 2x speed.
  3. Any other forms of video editing is strictly not allowed. Participants found to have edited the video would be disqualified.
  4. Participants may submit multiple entries within the competition time frame. All entries need to be done from scratch.
  5. Only complete entries will be assessed (all features should be seen)

R2D2 CAD Model

Participants are required to create a CAD for R2D2's body using the drawing provided and assemble the provided parts with the CAD they have created.

  • Download file at bit.ly/SpeedCAD_r2d2_model
  • Features that might be useful: Revolve, Revolve Cut, Extrude, Extrude Cut, Extrude Loft, Mirror, Pattern
  • Density of the model: 300kg/m^3

Screen Recording Guide

Most CAD softwares have inbuilt screen recording functions. You may want to get familiar with it before attempting the CAD

  • SolidWorks: View > Screen Capture > Record Video
  • Fusion360: Download Autodesk Screencast
  • External Screen Recording softwares: e.g. Game bar

Determination of Prize winners

  • Prizes would be awarded to the top 3 ranked participants. All other participants would receive a certificate of participation.
  • Scoring would be based on timing and accuracy of the model, with final timing including penalty from inaccuracy in model. Changes in timing calculation subjected to change without prior notice.
  • The following system will be used to calculate the final timing:
      Total time taken = time taken (mins) + % deviation in mass*100
      e.g: If the penalty is 5 and participant A took 50 mins to CAD the model. His model weighed 380g while the actual model weighed 500g. His final time would be: 50 mins + 24) = 74 mins
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(Don't) let the Wookiee win